Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

The Younger Women's Task Force Atlanta Metro Chapter would like to wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo. Be safe and enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Signs Anti-Human Trafficking Bill Today

The Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta Metro Chapter is pleased to announce that Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal has signed the House Bills HB200 and HB503 into law today at 1:45pm.
Governor Deal signed the two bills advocated by the Women’s Caucus at My Sister’s House, an Atlanta facility that offers overnight shelter and residential discipleship programs for homeless women and women with children. The Governor said that, “Human trafficking is a repugnant crime that is growing like a cancer in our society. Signing this bill into law, I join my fellow Georgians in declaring moral outrage and vowing to fight human trafficking here in our state. These criminals rob their victims of freedom and human dignity, and they destroy lives. With this bill now a law, we will find these criminals and we will punish them harshly.”

HB 200 addresses human trafficking which:
1. Strengthens the punishment against traffickers by increasing the minimum imprisonment for any person who commits the offense of trafficking a person for labor or sexual servitude and subjects the convicted to a fine.
2. Increases the punishment for any person who commits the offense of trafficking a person for labor or sexual servitude against a person who is under the age of 18 years
3. Protects those that fall victim to predators whom act on their state of desperation by providing that a person shall NOT be guilty of a sexual crime if the conduct upon which the alleged criminal liability is based was committed under coercion or deception while the accused was being trafficked for sexual servitude

HB 503 provides for:
1. The Georgia Crime Victims Emergency Fund to cover the costs of medical exams of alleged victims of rape
2. Ensures that victims will have these exams paid for and that the responsibility will not fall on local law enforcement that have budget constraints

Our Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta Chapter Director, Terica Scott was on hand to witness this amazing moment and she served as our on-site photographer for the day.

Terica expressed the following sentiments about this great day on behalf of our chapter, “we are pleased to see this legislation signed by the governor today. It symbolizes a great victory for girls and women in Georgia. The Younger Women’s Task Force Atlanta Chapter supports and stands 100 percent behind this bill becoming law. HB200 will help protect younger women from pain and suffering due to the cruelty by human traffickers.”

This vital legislation was a collaborative effort between concerned legislators, the Attorney General’s office, prosecutors, state and local law enforcement agencies, social service organizations, and religious groups from across the state.

The Younger Women's Task Force Atlanta Chapter is honored to have witnessed and taken part in today's signing. We look forward to anti-human trafficking bills being signed into law in every state in the U.S. and becoming federal law.

Click on the link below to send the Governor your warmest thanks:,2657,165937316_166563415,00.html

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YWTF-Atlanta Introduces Board Member Shanna Cox, MSPH

Busy people get the most done and the Younger Women's Task Force Atlanta Metro Chapter Director of Fundraising and Development, Shanna Cox gets the job done!

Shanna Cox, MSPH, a mother and native of Brooklyn, New York is also a Health Scientist for the Division of Reproductive Health, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. She has published multiple peer-reviewed articles about women’s health. Her current research focuses on positive youth development for teen pregnancy prevention and male involvement in family planning and pregnancy, and racial disparities in access to care.

Shanna serves as an agency resource on the ethical conduct of research among pregnant women and children. Shanna also serves as a consultant for Tanya Lee’s initiative A Healthy Baby Begins with You. She also participates in various community events designed to improve the health of women, children and families.

Question: What is your role within the YWTF-ATL Chapter, what brought you to YWTF-ATL (your interest in the chapter), and what do you hope to see/accomplish/experience as a board member?

"I do a lot of data analysis and technical assistance regarding women’s health on a national level, but I believe that real change happens locally. I really wanted to join an organization that was addressing the needs of women in the community where I worked and lived. I first engaged with YWTF at one of their networking socials and really enjoyed the atmosphere and camaraderie," Shanna explained.

"In January of this year, I was presented with the opportunity to serve as their Director of Fundraising and Development. This is the first time this position has been filled on the board so I look forward to the challenge! Over the course of the year I look forward to raising funds and continuing the development of programs that address our core value of advancing the quality of life and rights of younger women aged 20-39," Shanna said.

Shanna shared a beautiful quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that in our opinion also speaks volumes about this great woman- “The only gift is a portion of thyself”
 and Shanna truly is a gift.

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YWTF-ATL Board Member Highlight: Lateefah Mosley

The Younger Women's Task Force Atlanta Metro Chapter proudly introduces board member Ms. Lateefah Mosley.

Ms. Mosley, a native of South Carolina, moved to Atlanta Georgia in August 2006 to begin working for the Global Immunization Division of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

As a Public Health Analyst, Lateefah implements the Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) program were she recruits, train, and supervise consultants during their 3- month field assignment around the world. She also has traveled to Tanzania, Nigeria, and Kenya to provide technical support to the World Health Organization and national ministries of health to supervise and monitor the implementation of vaccination campaigns. Committed to making a difference in communities around the world, Lateefah lives by the quote from Henri-Frederic Amiel, "In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties".

How did she first learn about YWTF?

"I met Terica Scott, founder of YWTF ATL, at a holiday party hosted by a mutual friend. The following week we had lunch and Terica told me of the organization. This was heaven sent, as I always am looking for ways to be of services to women in my community. I was excited about starting this new venture as a board director for YWTF Atlanta" Lateefah said.

Lateefah serves as the Membership and Outreach Director for YWTF Atlanta and is responsible for actively recruiting, developing, and retaining membership for YWTF-ATL through strategic outreach efforts. Since joining YWTF-ATL in January 2010, she has played a major part in executing the First Annual A.S.C.E.N.D. Leadership Conference and coming up with creative ways to reach out to other women in the Atlanta area.

YWTF-ATL is honored to have Lateefah as a part of our family and a member on our board of directors.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Women for Women International Celebrating Mother's Day 2011

YWTF-ATL Board of Directors Highlight: Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

The Board of Directors for the Younger Women's Task Force Atlanta Metro Chapter (ywtfatlanta) came together and collectively decided to highlight each board member in both the blog and monthly newsletter as a way of sharing with members of the organization and the community the ladies that serve and stand firmly behind this great chapter. Today we will highlight one of our board members.

Some of you may already know Natasha L. Foreman. She serves on the Board of Directors as the Director of Communications and Marketing. What you may not know is why and how she began to serve in this capacity and what Natasha does when she is not handling the communications and marketing efforts of the chapter. Today you get the chance to find out.

Let us introduce to you Natasha L. Foreman...

Natasha L. Foreman, MBA is a Business and Entertainment Consultant, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Blogger, Mentor, and self-proclaimed "Change Agent". She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Black Studies at California State University, Long Beach and her MBA with a specialization in Marketing at Kaplan University. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Organization and Management with a specialization in Management Education, and a certificate in College Teaching.

Natasha has been involved in various philanthropic and grassroots movements for over 20 years. She is actively involved in her community, visiting and speaking with students at local K-12 schools throughout Orange County, California for over 18 years and independently throughout Metro Atlanta, Georgia for more than three years; and for more than one year now as a HOPE Corp Volunteer through Operation HOPE. Natasha has also been mentoring young people from tweens to adults who are in their twenties for numerous years. These are some of the reasons why Natasha came to ywtfatlanta.

"I was on Twitter and I tweeted something about women I believe and it was retweeted by one of my followers, and ywtfatlanta also retweeted it so as I was thanking both for the retweets I noticed ywtfatlanta and began to research the YWTF organization. I was looking for an organization that was multicultural and well-blended with women from all socio-economic, educational, religious, and cultural backgrounds," Natasha explained.

"I saw that the demographics were younger women 20-39 and I thought that maybe this was right up my alley. I could be around other positive, making-things-happen women in their 30s that were experiencing similar issues that I am experiencing in both my professional and personal life while also working with and helping to mentor even younger women in their 20s," she continued.

"So I reached out to ywtfatlanta to seek membership information and to see in what ways I could help serve the organization and Lauren Zink the Director of Communications and Marketing at that time connected me with Chapter Director, Terica Scott, discussed the opportunities for me to become a blogger and from there things just took off. I became a member and blog contributor in 2010, joined the board in January 2011, and was officially working in my current capacity the following month as we worked to finalize the details for the A.S.C.E.N.D. Leadership Conference for March. Now I'm on a mission looking for more bloggers and monthly newsletter contributors to join the ywtfatlanta family," Natasha said smiling.

In addition to reading Natasha's posts on the ywtfatlanta blogs at,, and you can also follow her through her Natasha Foreman blog at, or her Paradigm Life blogs at, and You can also follow her on Twitter at

To contact Natasha about ywtfatlanta-related matters feel free to email her at:

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