Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breakout with These Leaders on Saturday

Saturday at the A.S.C.E.N.D. Leadership Conference you will have your minds fed with words of wisdom by some phenomenal leaders. Now is your chance to get to know a few of them a little better...

Stacey Chavis, President of The Stacey Chavis Company

Stacey Chavis is President of The Stacey Chavis Company, a general political consulting, strategy and training firm. Stacey serves as political strategist, speaker and trainer. She assists candidates with campaign strategy and development. Stacey has become a sought after keynote speaker in the area of leadership. Stacey also provides leadership development trainings for leaders and elected officials.

Previously, Stacey served as Southern Regional Director for the White House Project. In two years, Stacey trained over 2,000 women to run for elected office, work on campaigns and lead in their communities. Stacey also served as the Deputy Finance Director for the Democratic Party of Georgia. A native of Mauldin, South Carolina, Stacey received a B.A. in Psychology with a Political Science minor from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta Georgia.

Dana Eason, Owner and Lead Photographer
of Dana Eason Photography

Dana Eason is the owner and lead photographer of Dana Eason Photography based in Atlanta, GA. Dana graduated from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa with a degree in Business. After interning with one of the Top 10 Destination Wedding Photographers in Atlanta, GA in 2009, Dana decided to pursue her dream of serving others through entrepreneurship and living a lifestyle of creative freedom.  With only a year under her belt as an entrepreneur, Dana has traveled the world photographing family lifestyles, weddings, and celebrity athletes including 7-time NBA Champion Robert Horry and former NFL Player Dorsey Levens. Dana has mixed her love of creativity with her business background to begin living out the career and lifestyle of her dreams.

Carolyn Monden, Chief of Staff for Georgia State Representative
Stacey Evans and Representative Margaret Kaiser

Carolyn Monden is currently the chief-of-staff for Georgia State Representative Stacey Evans and Representative Margaret Kaiser.  She is also Chair of the Latino Caucus for the Democratic Party of Georgia and sits on the board of the Red Clay Democrats. Mrs. Monden resides in Southwest Atlanta with her husband and two sons. 
Erica Pines of
Erica Pines was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  She received both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Administration degrees from Georgia State University. Erica Pines is very involved in the civic engagement and is a local community activist.  She is a member of the City of Atlanta’s Zoning Review Board and is Vice Chair of the Latino Caucus for the Democratic Party of Georgia and also serves as 2nd Vice-Chair of the Fulton County Democratic Party. She is a graduate of Democracy for America Grassroots Campaign Academy and The White House Project Go Run training. 

Erica is a Regional Investment Volunteer for United Way Dekalb’s Community Impact Fund.  She is also a member of United Way Women’s Legacy and is a graduate of the United Way VIP program. Erica has served as President of the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association and Vice-Chair of Neighborhood Planning Unit-M which represents 5 downtown Atlanta neighborhoods.  

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